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Project Description

The essence of Aliel is the ability to breathe life into stones. For us, jewellery is the product not only of great craftsmanship and creativity, but also of profound emotions. Beautiful and timeless, our jewellery creations combine ancient traditions with natural materials through cutting-edge technology. With nature being the primary influence of the brand, we seek to reflect the beauty of the natural world in each of our jewellery creations. From rare fancy-coloured diamonds to fiery Burmese rubies, Aliel seeks the finest natural stones that can be found and incorporates them into stunning works of art.

What We Do

  • Ajax wordpress site to recreate in static pages
  • Move all ajax and css transition to ajax site to static site
  • Responsive testing with all handheld devices
  • On page & Off page Seo Optimization
  • Google page speed optimization
  • GTmetrix Optimization
  • Convert icons from png to SVG for Pixel perfection view (without blur)
Project Details
Date15 November 2017


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