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Website Development Trends 2017

The field of web development is getting improved and new trends will be waiting for you every year. It is very necessary to keep yourself updated with new trends and new technologies. There are numerous tools and frameworks emerging to enhance user experience and to help developers with elegant coding.
The following web development trends would be a step ahead of the previous technology.

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May, 22, 2017



Graphic Design vs Interactive Design

When developing a website or software, the biggest clash that takes place is between the designers and UX experts. Well, what do they do? Their responsibilities are very different, but their work goes hand in hand with each other. The designer’s work is to make the software or the website look more appealing to the users. Nobody likes to see unorganized, dull, non-styled, pages and windows. Designers add features and APIs to make the website look beautiful, while UX experts take the responsibility of enhancing the user’s experience on the website or the software. However, why do they both clash and what differences make them disagree with each other? This article will detail some of those reasons and differences.
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Mar, 08, 2017



Angular 2 VS React The framework of future

“Angular 2 VS React”. This comparison is being chuntered on greatly since Angular 2 came in the market. Angular 2 is a beta version of Angular 1 which was released on 15th of September 2016. Whereas React became top of the social networking websites hot favorite list in May 2016. Let us discuss their disparity and try to conclude the result of this technology war.
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Feb, 19, 2017



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