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Website Development Trends 2017

The field of web development is getting improved and new trends will be waiting for you every year. It is very necessary to keep yourself updated with new trends and new technologies. There are numerous tools and frameworks emerging to enhance user experience and to help developers with elegant coding.
The following web development trends would be a step ahead of the previous technology.

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May, 22, 2017



Modern frameworks vs WordPress

Different platforms have been introduced in market for web design and web development and with WordPress theme development both are mandatory for a nice looking and rich featured website. Before wordPress was introduced in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, It was never been easy for a layman to make his website customize in […] Read more

Apr, 13, 2017



How to make online business more profitable?

If you are running a business your main goal must be continuously grow and increase your business value. Luckily, online businesses are often easier to scale and grow than the offline businesses. If you are doing an online business any one of these tips could help you increase the value of your business:[…] Read more

Feb, 17, 2015



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