Website Development Trends 2017

The field of web development is getting improved and new trends will be waiting for you every year. It is very necessary to keep yourself updated with new trends and new technologies. There are numerous tools and frameworks emerging to enhance user experience and to help developers with elegant coding.
The following web development trends would be a step ahead of the previous technology.

360 Degree Video

A 360-degree video provides a new user experience at an advanced level. Companies are advertising their brands in a 360-degree format and this trend is getting popular day by day. It will make you feel like you are actually there and the whole scene is like in front of you.

Artificial Intelligence

Tremendous work has been done in artificial intelligence in past year and we are hoping that it will advance further in 2017.
There are many AI application been introduced and one of them is Google search algorithm. It is hoped that more and more people likely use AI in upcoming months.

Internet OF Things

Now the internet is not only limited to computers and mobile phones. Now we can control our home appliances with our smartphones. We can track our car, control our house’s heating system etc.

Virtual Reality

There were very enhancements happened since the concept of virtual reality been introduced. It is more common in the gaming world and people love to get themselves in an artificial man made scenario.

Rich Typography

Typography plays a main role in website’s best user experience. Past years have been spent in utilizing rich typography and it is expected to have new typefaces in 2017.By using elegant colors and textures with gorgeous fonts make your website more charming.

Gifs and animations

Many websites are using a lot of animations nowadays. By using GIFs and animations developers can easily describe the idea as people get more attraction towards them.

Material Design

Material design was developed by Google and has taken a vital role in designing field. It uses geometric shapes to create a solid structure. It makes use of solid colors, animations and padding effects which make it more users friendly.


In 2016, the trend of using illustrations in a website has gotten more diversity and companies are hiring more illustrators and sketch artists to create websites for their clients. Adding illustration to your website added a touch of meaningful insight that leads more creativity.

Parallax effect

Designers were tended to be more focused on parallax in recent years and could be seen even more widely in 2017.As more realistic approach leads more visitors that tends to grow a business.

Landing pages

Using modern menu styles with landing pages has become a major web development trend. Whole services are defined with minimal approach has been a priority for developers since past years.

May, 22, 2017